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Proud but exhausted–not giving up

I’m proud, but I’m tired.

I work hard. I love hard. I play hard. 

I’m exhausted!

Those of us with FASD give out a lot more energy to do what others do and I have been non-stop. That’s a good thing in one sense. It does prove that we can do it. I work as a teacher/assistant director at a school for kids with Autism and I also am a photographer for kids with cancer. I also am trying to get my photography business going and have many things to make this happen. I have put soooo much energy into all 3 and I honestly dont have an inch of energy left. I rely so much on others around me to get these done and then out of nowhere my main external brain is removed from me for a short time, but nevertheless, when I’m tired…this makes it even harder!! 

I tried to go to Columbus yesterday without her and again, I just couldnt get myself to travel that far and do what I needed to do for my gallery. I went out with my daughter because I am the type of person that I will not give up. I was going to tackle something on the list. She needed to get some things. I did too…lol…She was the only successful one on this outing. 

I’m tired. After being out for a couple of hours I thought I’d run a marathon. I couldnt go any further. 

I’m not giving up. I think that is why I am so tired. 

I am actually trying everything I can to get my photography business up and running and it fuels me. I want to go into architectural photography. If any one knows of someone who needs a architectural photographer. I have the gifts. I see the right angles and how the photo should be taken. I seem to be able to get the lighting right and able to capture what they want. I’m very good at it. I work way too hard and put so much energy forth for barely being able to make it.

But I’m not giving up.

I’m tired. 

But I’m not quitting.

I’m going to keep going until I can’t take another step. 

As long as I have even an inch of energy I’m going to keep going. 

Photography has always been a place where I feel comfortable. I enter most new places with my camera and I interact with people behind the camera. if I don’t have it…lol…I feel naked. It is my way of getting to know people.

I do event photography. I do landscape photography. i do architecture. 

Get the word out for someone who wants to do this. 

I may have FASD…but I’m not quitting.

Exhausted or not. I’m going to be the best Ann I can be.

If you have FASD…don’t quit. Find your passion and go with it!

My Etsy photo shop…

My photography website

My viewbug. this is actually the best website of my photos

I have a gallery of my art in Tuttle Crossing Mall in Simply Vague store. I have a full wall way in the back in Columbus Ohio.Imageore

Contact me at or leave a message on here. or contact me at if anyone is interested in a photographer. If anyone needs a architectural photographer. 

I have included one of my photos.

Thank you!