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So many of us who are on the spectrum are misused/abused. So many are misrepresented or misunderstood. When I wrote this book, I had gone through an ordeal that changed my life forever. It took me on a course I never expected. I’m not one for fiction…surprise surprise. But this was just something I had to tell. The story is in between the pages. I shared my story with others I grew to know well. Many who also had been through a great deal and were dealing with their own worth, their own choices, their own stigmas.

The Sinful Woman is a book that shows both sides of the coin. It is a woman who is judged. Judged by her actions, by who she is. She already sees herself as a person who has a stigma with a capital S written on her chest. She did not need the world to judge her. In Luke 7 in the Bible, Christ looked at her heart. He didn’t care about her past. He didnt care about who she might have been. He could only see her heart.

This a depiction of women, a woman, me, others…

The Sinful Woman

P.S…Men have enjoyed this as well… /in this case, it was about a woman,…but a heart is a heart…a story is a story…a judgement is a judgement…love is love…

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