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FASD and Autism…

I was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, too. About 3 weeks ago. I have not said anything, here because I don’t know how I feel. There is one thing to think you have something, but then you are actually diagnosed with it. I went through the same thing when a doctor said I had all the characteristics of someone with FASD. I knew that you could have both. I actually wondered if I did. I have heard that people with FASD can have both. I know both can have a lot of the same traits, but I had a neurologist ask me a bunch of questions and he said not only by my answers, but in observing me, he knew I had Autism. Hmmm. Someone asked me how I felt. I didn’t even answer. I really don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not saying this is bad. I have got to know a lot of neurotypicals in my years and I can honestly say, there is not one I would want to be like…lol. So, I’m okay with being on the spectrum. When i wrote Autism Spectrum Disorder, the word that I kept staring at was Disorder. Really? This is a disorder? I want to look up what that means. Wait a second…okay a medical condition involving a disturbance to the usual functioning of the mind.

Okay. I will let that process.

Who says how we process and what we do is a distrubance. Okay. I get that things are not right. But who says that neurotypical brains are just that…typical?…

Just a question. Image

FASD and honored! Pictures on the great day.

My day at the OPW awards. Four awards.

Three firsts for journalism in the State of Ohio

One for the Helen Waterhouse Award. 

My wonderful daughter, Stacia, went with me to get my awards. 

 It really was a great day. Minus a few snags, but all in all, I was so honored. Especially to win the Helen Waterhouse Award. She was an amazing journalist who paved the way for many of us. She believed in the right of free speech and that we as, journalists, had the right to get the word out.

As journalists/writers, we bring people to tears in a heartwarming story. We bring them to anger when their needs to be justice. We can bring the whole world’s attention to one point on the globe. What an honor it has been to be a journalist/columnist for a newspaper, and now blogger for hopeFASD.