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About Ann

I’m am an adult with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. That simply means that I was exposed to alcohol in utero. It is a birth defect that significantly affects the processing of the brain. My eyes, my auditory, my senses, my learning abilities were all affected! It is a huge part of my day, but I am a survivor and I have learned to LIVE with FASD. There is a lot of negative out there about those of us who have this BIRTH DEFECT. My goal is to help those who are behind me and hopefully we can get this in the DSMV and get on IEP’s in schools and kids can get the proper diagnosis and the helps that they need. We need the medical field to educate future moms to the dangers of drinking while pregnant and if breast feeding.

I was also recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, too.  So, this is truly the Spectrum zone.

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  1. Ann,
    I want to congratulate you on this site. I have long admired the way that you are able to put your feelings into words about FASD. I have two young adults with FASD and I have always wanted to be able to understand how it might feel to someone affected by this disability. You have been able to help me to understand a lot about how they might be feeling and how they process things that happen to them. I thank you, immensely! You are an amazing woman!

    • thanks Candy! You have always been a supporter. I see your name a lot! I am so glad that my words help you to better understand your kids. Being understood is so important. If you have someone along side you that understands how difficult it is, it really helps fuel the fight. thanks again Candy!

  2. Alison Hulett said:

    Hi Ann,
    I have just found your blog and I am so excited about your insight and what all I can learn from you. I will do whatever it takes to help my son to be the best he can be! He is only 9 years old and he was just diagnosed a few months ago. He has so many amazing abilities and is a great kid!
    Thank you for sharing and educating…it means the world to this mom!

    • I am so glad that you found this blog and that it is helping your parent your son. I have so much hope for him and anyone with FASD! He can do this! Having you beside him is half the battle. Trust me, he has been given the tools to overcome!
      thanks again!

  3. Hello Ann:
    Thank you so much for your openness and insights about your disability. I too have 4 boys with FAS and FASD. Your words encourage me to see things differently so that I can help them be the best they can be. Please, keep writing, I will keep reading and may introduce my two teen boys to your posts. I will probably make a referral to your blog from my web site as I believe you have something of value to offer those that have FAS/D and those caring for them.

    • Hi Nora,
      Thank you so much for your words! I am so glad that this has helped you. Wow that you have four boys with FASD. How amazing you are! You are a gift that you are trying to better understand them and help them to understand themselves. Thank you for encouraging me to write. I got away from it for awhile and want to get back. Thanks again for reading!

  4. Hello Ann,
    I wanted to let you know that this is a wonderful site, I dont have fasd but I have a learning disability and reading your blog has got me inspired to try and take a course at my local university.

    Thanks a million,


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