You have entered the Spectrum Zone

I’ve packed my lunch and I’m ready for the world is exactly how I felt when I left my place, yesterday. But not an adult, ready for the world…more like my five-year-old self was ready for the world.

Let me explain. I never do out-of the-ordinary things without people. I have a couple very trusted people that I go to most places, with. When my daughter or my friend is with me, I’m good. I can do just about anything. I can live a fairly normal life.

I can get to work and do my job. I can get home, but anything different than that, I normally have one of them with me. My daughter went to college. She worked with me and she lived with me. She went shopping with me….she is no longer here.

I have Fridays off from work. I had to get an echeck for my car and then get a paper for the plates…hint hint…I got a new car. Well, used, but new to me. So, the day started with me having a relaxing morning. Trying to take my time to prepare to do these things.  I walked out of my place and I literally felt like I was five years old and had my lunch in my hand and put my shoulders back, ready to conquer kindergarten….or my world. I didn’t feel any older than that, but I knew what I had to do.

I was half way down the road and realized my lifeline, my phone, was back at my apartment. So, I turned around and went back and got it. I am lost with out maps. I plugged in where I was supposed to go. I got to echeck successfully. I was lost talking to the guy and he was lost talkign with me, but the job was done. Got the paper I needed.

I then went to get my car looked at. Drove up this guy and told him what I wanted, he said you have to make an appointment and told me what to do. “I heard you have free car washes for people who bought cars, here.”

“Yes,” he said. “Pull around back, you can’t miss it.”

Sure enough, there it was. I pull around and watch the car in front of me. There is a guy there and I notice that he is directing the cars in, to be washed.

It’s my turn.

I pull up. He directs me in. I pull in to the front of it and stay there. He yells in my car, “You have to pull up. You have to drive through.”

So I start to drive in.

“Get you hands off the wheel. Don’t steer.”

I take my hands off but the water and the washer thingys were going all over, the only thing I could do was cover my head. I was stuck! The guy was yelling at me so I got to the point where I could just drive through, very fast.


On the other side.

I was in tears and on complete panic, but I made it.

I drove to the BMV to get the paper I needed for plates, then I went home.

Didn’t move the rest of the day.

Home was a good place to be.

I’m five and ready for the world. Yep that’s what I am.

Thank you for your contribution to LIVING with FASD...and Autism

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