You have entered the Spectrum Zone

I was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, too. About 3 weeks ago. I have not said anything, here because I don’t know how I feel. There is one thing to think you have something, but then you are actually diagnosed with it. I went through the same thing when a doctor said I had all the characteristics of someone with FASD. I knew that you could have both. I actually wondered if I did. I have heard that people with FASD can have both. I know both can have a lot of the same traits, but I had a neurologist ask me a bunch of questions and he said not only by my answers, but in observing me, he knew I had Autism. Hmmm. Someone asked me how I felt. I didn’t even answer. I really don’t know how I feel about it. I’m not saying this is bad. I have got to know a lot of neurotypicals in my years and I can honestly say, there is not one I would want to be like…lol. So, I’m okay with being on the spectrum. When i wrote Autism Spectrum Disorder, the word that I kept staring at was Disorder. Really? This is a disorder? I want to look up what that means. Wait a second…okay a medical condition involving a disturbance to the usual functioning of the mind.

Okay. I will let that process.

Who says how we process and what we do is a distrubance. Okay. I get that things are not right. But who says that neurotypical brains are just that…typical?…

Just a question. Image

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  1. Heather area said:

    I have F.A.S.D and for me it’s been nothing more than a living hell for me as I’m lower functioning than most who have been diagnosed with this atypical neurological brain disorder. I’m not low functioning but not extremely high functioning but I have originally been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Effects and diagnosed with an IQ of 108. I don’t have any family support and I have had to deal with things solo all my life which makes the diagnosis even more difficult to live with. I have had to deal with predators, manipulators and liars etc all my life and suffer nasty and harmful stigmas associated with the diagnosis. Is there any support out there for people like myself? Trying to be taken seriously after having my character slandered and destroyed and just in General has been a living nightmare.
    I do believe that FASD is the least understood and not enough resources out there for those living with it to access support and predators are fully aware of this and thus they see an opportunity to exploit, deceive, and manipulate.
    Anyway, for mothers out there if you think you might be pregnant or if in fact you are pregnant, please don’t drink.

    • Actually, Heather, you pretty much described my life for many years. Fortunately, that is not me now. But I spent a great deal of my life being manipulated and treated badly!! I have heard so many times that people with FASD are not able to read people and we are so trusting. I have learned to just not trust anyone. It is better that way. That way everyone is to be tested before I trust them. I just automatically trusted and got hurt before. I was always cautious, but for some reason I always ended up trusting the wrong people because abusers prey on people with disabilities because they know they can. Bottom line. They know they can. We do not know how to defend ourselves against the monsters of this world. Shame any of them for going after people like us who are more childlike in our spirits and in our perceptions. I am sorry this has happened to you!! go to Flying wiht Broken Wings for support. We are a great support there for people with FASD. If I ever need to talk about something, that is where I go and we have so many people there who care.
      I hope this helps!

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