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Left eye Right eye

When I was five years old, the neurologist said I had no depth perception and my eyes do not converge. In other words, my left eye and right eye, do not work together. I have learned that my left brain and right brain do not work very well together either.

I was told that I would never be able to hit a ball. I hit home runs. 
I was told I would never be able to cut on the line. it took a lot of work, but I have no problem at all with that anymore.
True I still reach for the refrigerator and miss the handle…every time…lol.
BUT, for the most part, my brain has adapted. 
My left eye and right eye have never been able to work together, but my brain has compensated in a way that I don’t think anyone figured in. My left eye basically stopped working. I can see out of it, but my brain has shut my left eye off enough for me to see one of everything. This has allowed me to do things I never could have done. 
I was not able to read until like second grade. The words were all jumbled together. All I saw was lines of letters with no breaks between words. There was no making sense of it to me. Now, I read fine. I still have problems with comprehension, but I learned young how make up for this. I read into a tape recorder and listened to it until I understood.
Yes, we have disabilities…but yes there are ways to make up for them. 
We just find different ways to do the same thing others can do.
God gave us creativity!
God gave us determination!
We figure out ways to learn, retain, and comprehend…to the best that we can!
That’s awesome! 

Comments on: "Left eye Right eye" (2)

  1. Lynn Sichky said:

    Thank you for sharing this! My son has been given glasses to help “train” his eyes. He hates them, tells me he cannot see with them on. Without them he hits baseballs, plays backcatcher in baseball, saves goals (he is a soccer and ice hockey goalie) and does all kinds of other amazing things. He still misjudges were things are sometimes, but he does very well once he figures out were something is. He can read with out the glasses and tells me that the glasses do not help. He is not able to form letters easly when writing, Now I see that it might be connected to the way that he sees letters. Thanks again!

    • You are welcome. The eye is so complex. My problem is in the brain itself so nothing they did with the eye itself worked. I did have eye exercises and I was a pretty determined kid. I always misjudge wehre things are though and i still always grab just short of the door knob or glass…lol. Glasses would have never helped me. Look up convergence and no depth perception. My brain does not work both eyes together and there is absolutely no depth perception. that area of the brain is completely not working they told my adopted parents when I was young.No glasses in the world would help. I recently went to a optineurologist and there is still nothing they do to help people like me. He said,…”it’s in the brain.” Now, the eye exercises I did do and constant practice of hitting the ball and driving, etc. allowed me to be able to compensate and know where everything is. Repetition is the key for a brain like this. My one eye really is not used cuz my brain realized not using one eye is better for me to see. If they both worked, i would see two of everything, so my brain is very nice to me. I guarantee his best bet is just growing up with it. The thing that helped the people around me is that it is all I have ever known. So we compensate. We figure out where everything is and it really is second nature to us. If our eyes were instantly fixed, it would be very hard for us to maneuver around. he will be fine. He will grow into his eyes. Trust me, from what you are saying, he does see better without glasses. One doctor actually tried glasses with me and I had the same result. I have never worn glasses since. Just try to get them to understand the problem lies in the brain, not tye eyes and maybe they can better help him.

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