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Sensory helps

These were actually for autism. But I know those of with FAS have the same sensory issues. As soon as I found this, I had to post because not even knowing it, I always suck on hard candy. When on overload I want a milkshake to suck through a straw. Just calms me. i also do the lollipop thing. I always go for the gum, licorice and dried fruit. I swam too to calm. Bathwater or waterfalls are so calming to me. Going under water is very calming. Cold water is alerting. My entire being alerts! Warm water is heavenly…to me. Everyone’s different. A hoodie blocks my sensesl.  Having something on my head helps a lot! A hand on my head helps. A shoulder to put my head on. yes, even still. Its calming. Can’t help it. Just getting out of a chaotic room is calming. I can reenter, but I need some time to regroup.

I have other things that I do too. I need my balance. I need quiet. I need. I love when people are quiet with me. I love nature. I love breathing it in and experiencing it. I obviously love writing and love photography. I also, if I can get myself focused…lol, enjoy reading.

Every FAS person has to find their way of calming. Here are some…

“The Sensory Connection Program represents a vividly imaginative and theoretically sound occupational therapy intervention program. The author was energized to develop this program when she discovered the impact of sensory-based activities when used with some of her more complicated clients. After a decade of intense study, research, and program development she now presents this program in its entirety.” Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA.
I got this from Autism Today.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've noticed some of the same things help my son. The school doesn't listen when I try to tell them because – I'm just the over protective mom. Having the research reference might help!!

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