You have entered the Spectrum Zone

I am not ashamed to have FASD. Not to put FASD on an IEP causes a child not to get the exact help that they need. It’s not a stigma to have another DD.

I do not wear why I have FASD. I have to deal with the fact that I have it.

I do not lay around at night mad at my biological mom cuz she drank when she was pregnant with me. I’m more mad because people choose not to admit that this is a real thing. We are real people.

It’s not a stigma. FASD is NOT who we are!

If a child with autism gets a dignosis, they get all the helps in the world. They get an IEP that has all educators need to know in order to help that child.

FASD? Nope. not putting that on the IEP. I hear that from caregivers.

They just want FAS on the IEP so their child get the proper help.

A doctor is not going to help a cancer patient with a heart medicine.

In order for people with FAS to get the help they need, they NEED the proper diagnosis!

It’s not a want. It’s a need.

It’s critical to their future.


Comments on: "Stigma? NO! It’s critical to our future" (3)

  1. And why should there be any stigma or shame for a child with this diagnosis? Do we blame cancer patients for haveing cancer? Blind children for being blind? Children with a disabilit need a proper diagnosis and then the correct interventions to help them live as fully and successfully as possible with their disability. Its not rocket science so why is it so ard for some people to get?!?

  2. You are right! There should not be any stigma or shame. We have no reason to be ashamed! Exactly! That was my point of the heart/cancer medicine. We need to call it what it is! If they don't have the diagnosis, they can't have the proper treatment…they can't be the best they can be in life! Period!!

  3. Here is the link to the petition can find it on my facebook page too if this does not work.

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